Our Vision

Please see our closing statement here

We envisage change towards a more ethical food system where ‘consumers’ feel empowered to make informed choices; retailers are honest and transparent in their marketing; distributors provide full information of the supply-chain of food, and farmers willingly embrace humane, ecologically sound farming methods.

Through the combined efforts and creative thought of our team, we want to:

  • Create greater awareness among consumers, retailers and farmers around ethical food production.
  • Encourage the public to make ethical choices by empowering consumers to acquire appropriate information about food products.
  • Challenge producer and retailer honesty and transparency by applying pressure to remove inconsistencies between marketing idealism and production.
  • Ensure a genuine commitment from retailers to support humane and ecologically sound farming methods.
  • Provide guidelines on progressive ethical farming for farmers working in conjunction with retailers.
  • Explore an ethical eating journey – from free-range to cruelty-free.
  • Foster a national culture around ethically produced and health food.

We recognise that our society uses a food supply chain consisting of (put simply) farmer, distributor (middle-man), retailer, and consumer.

This system, after years of developing in the current economic system, has become non-transparent to the point where consumers are disconnected from the food that they eat, retailers capitalise on consumer’s lack of knowledge by providing misleading information, and farmers remain unchecked with respect to animal welfare and the use of illegal/harmful substances that enter the food chain.
The majority of consumers do not know where their food comes from or how it is produced, often relying on misleading advertising to ease their conscience about purchasing certain products. Therefore consumers are left powerless – unable to make informed purchasing choices or choose to buy ethically.
The expansion and industrialisation of agriculture over the past few decades has resulted in farming practices that condone unprecedented animal cruelty, routine use of drugs and feed additives that are harmful to human health, unsafe GMO products, and systematic environmental degradation. The consumer has the power to change this – by choosing to buy food that is humanely and ecologically produced.

We identify the move towards more humane farming methods as a vital step in the journey to cruelty-free eating.


4 comments on “Our Vision
  1. Grass roots, you speak for me and so many other consumers. So many of us pound the treadmill of stress just getting through our day that few us pay attention to what corporates are doing to us – right under our noses. Once we know what is being done to sentient creatures so that supermarket chains can make a big profit we can no longer remain silent and “eat up”. The same goes for hotels and restaurants. We can vote with our money and our feet. Let’s support humane, ethical farmers and give THEM a voice via social media and let’s keep speaking against dodgy practises by the major chains in SA.


    • GRASS says:

      Caroline, the only way consumers can know how their food has been produced is to have accurate and detailed labelling on all food products. For example, consumers have the right to know if an egg was produced from a hen in a cage / barn raised – deep litter / pasture raised as in outdoor / grainfed (and if that grain is GM or not) / pasture and grained etc Truth in labels will allow consumers to make informed choices but producers do not wish to provide this information – one can only guess why!


  2. Brilliant – Well done Grass. Very informative. Thanks for fighting to bring about a change to the terrible suffering our our farmed animals. Hope that, through your efforts, an awareness of what is actually happening spreads far and wide. As said, consumers have become disassociated from the cruel reality and the industry does its best to keep it that way!!!


    • GRASS says:

      Thanks Eileen. Informed consumers need to become active consumers. Retailers maintain that they supply what their customers want. Grass intends to show customers what they should be asking for and the reason it makes sense for them to do so.


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