Consumer Alert – Bee Kind Update

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I am pleased to see that Mr Greg Aberdeen has realised that in the interest of not misleading consumers and supporters of the Bee Kind project that he has begun stating the facts. I do not believe that he set out to intentionally mislead people but that in his enthusiasm he began to make inaccurate claims that were not well considered. I congratulate him for taking the steps to rectify the situation. Well done.

I would like to make it clear that at no time did I call the Bee Kind farming project a scam, I asked Mr Greg Aberdeen to remove misleading statements in regards to calling the farm a sanctuary and the reference to organic. I do hope that he has made it clear that his farm is not a sanctuary and does not provide organic honey on all marketing marketing and online presence too. I would also like to encourage Mr Greg Aberdeen to make his rules and guidelines that he speaks of available for public viewing in the interest of transparency.

“The simple truth is that we saw an article doing its rounds by Grass trying to expose us as a scam, to no avail. Yes damage has been done, but we will continue to operate under our rules and ensure that bees make it back into the crops we need and take for granted.”

We must not lose focus as to what this story is about – the bees.  I hope to bring you some more news on their story soon.


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13 comments on “Consumer Alert – Bee Kind Update
  1. Danie Baard says:

    There are only 70 hives on the farm – not 95 or so that Greg tells everyone. 5 of those are mine that I paid for and that Greg just took. Some of the equipment was stolen from people like me. The current investors have taken the website down, but they are protecting Greg, which baffles me – including protecting him keeping stolen goods. Some of the bees were stolen from a neighbours farm at night (as per worker who witnessed that to me) and Greg sold your honey that he claims there was none of.

    The new investors (Riel Malan, business man and Gospel singer among them) are trying to save it as the idea is good – but they should in our opinion return stolen goods and get rid of Greg – who has a history of scamming people (signed a settlement agreement for 19 counts of fraud with Mark Collins, his previous partner, stole from us (BEST BEE HIVES and Southern Seas) with a challenge of ‘come try and get it if you like’ and sold some of our equipment for his own pocket – which is a trademark of Greg. Just google his name – see what Robert Ingrim has to say about him:

    The Bee Industry is in a crisis – we don’t need people like Greg to drag it through the mud.


  2. Sean says:

    I would strongly lean towards this being a scam. If this is not a scam then why has my assistant been trying to contact Greg since last year to find out where our promised honey is? He refuses to take any phone calls and refuses to reply to any emails but was happy to take my money. It is a simple question – “When can we expect to receive our honey which was promised to be personally delivered last year already?” Is it so hard to answer a phone call or reply to an email?


  3. I suppose that all one can do at this point is hope that Mr Aberdeen lives up to his promises of helping and not hurting the bees….. Changing his practices and learning from his mistakes. And that he is indeed an honest person of integrity that can be trusted. Thankyou Sonia for making us aware and for instigating a change in unethical and harmfull bee practice.


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  5. Let Mr Aberdeen work and stop being pedantic.


    • GRASS says:

      Don’t you agree that consumers should not be misled and that they have the right to informed choice?


      • Yes, consumers have the right to the CORRECT INFORMATION. Stop even trying to defend this gross act of jealousy. The man is working on an excellent bee project, everyone with a mind can see how the honey is made. You just want to hold yourself up as the high arbiter of all things environmental and you are jealous of someone who is clearly making real progress.
        Stop misleading the public by suggesting that this man is dishonest when he plainly wasn’t and isn’t. Stop it. Why is there a fool around every corner on the road to sustainable agriculture? Why? For heaven’s sake STOP IT.


      • GRASS says:

        Jeremy – I think you need to take a breath and read through the concerns – in particular, the concern about claims to the bee farm being a sanctuary and reference to organic honey.


    • Hendrik Mentz says:

      Dear Mr Vanderwant, it is understandable that you saw the need to defend your friend; however, in my view, your criticisms of Ms Mountford were inappropriate in that they were personal and assumptive (‘gross act of jealousy … you just want to hold yourself up as the high arbiter of all things environmental and are jealous of someone who is clearly making real progress’), and off the mark, for being sweeping (‘… stop being pedantic.’ and ‘Why is there a fool around every corner on the road to sustainable agriculture? Why?’).


  6. hendrikjmentz says:

    Dear Grass/Ms Mountford and Bee Kind/Mr Aberdeen, I’m relieved that you have found one another and that, therefore, this saga has come a bloodless end. Congratulations to both of you. My personal disquiet, however, with Bee Kind is that they are housing bees in plastic containers/’hives’ which, somehow, for me, doesn’t correspond with the sense of ‘sanctum’ (‘a sacred place, especially a shrine within a temple or church’ (OED)), which is Bee Kind’s new descriptor. If the future of our planet is being determined by bees, and considering that Bee Kind is a sanctum I would like to plead with Mr Aberdeen please to build and house his/their bees in living/organic/wooden and not plastic hives.

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    • GRASS says:

      Agree Hendrik, words are powerful


    • Peace at last. With regards to the hives, although extensively tested and proven to outperform a wooden hive, we have opted to run two separate trials. 150 wooden hives and 150 composite hives. These will be monitored by an independent group and the results will be published.

      All findings will be transparent and recommendations adhered to.

      Thank you Sonia, for pointing out things I took to not understand, i.e. sanctuary.


      • hendrikjmentz says:

        Mr Aberdeen, what hopeful news you bring. But there are so many variables. What will you be testing? ‘Performance’?


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