Friday Smile

This beaming Friday Smile goes to the first farmer, Jacques Olivier, to commit to Organic Public Guarantee System (PGS)

JJ Signing Up with PGS

JJ Signing Up with PGS

JJ Organics is the first farmer to commit to Organic Public Guarantee System (PGS)

Jacques Olivier signed the Green Road PGS pledge on Thursday 9th June, a significant day, not least because the commitment to organic transparency and traceability was made on his birthday.

The PGS is an assurance system that guarantees adherence to a set of organic principles that has been agreed on by Green Road farmers, consumers and retailers.  The system is transparent, open to public scrutiny and peer driven.  

The Green Road ™ in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, makes a significant difference by providing a new business engagement model that allows consumers to offer a fair price for REAL FOOD out of a clear understanding of the costs to the farmers.




“Know your farmer…. know your food.”

Please remember to support their farmers by ordering their weekly organic bags on  Should you wish to find out more information on the Green Road, please phone Priscilla on 021 007 1800 or 072 688 1310.

Read here for more about Green Road and PGS – this is the second smile they have received from Grass.

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Our numbers are growing and so are our roots so we are always looking for volunteers.


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