Friday Smile goes to…

This beaming Friday Smile goes to The Green Road ™ in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, who Grass visited a couple of months ago and we were so impressed with their knowledge and taken by their passion and dedication that it was difficult for us to leave.

PGS Green Road is a voluntary association of growers, retailers and consumers supporting organic agriculture and local food production based on the principles of ecology, health, fairness and care. As a member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and IFOAM PGS, they support the development of organic agriculture in its full diversity worldwide.
Because the food is produced locally, it takes a shorter route to get to consumers, resulting in a short supply chain. Five local emerging farmers take their produce to the Stellenbosch Waldorf School every Thursday, where it is packed and distributed to homes. Consumers also have the choice to collect their weekly bags from the School Shop or the Saturday Farmers’ Market. They currently supply 160 families per week and this number is growing monthly.

It would take a year of Friday Smiles to scratch the surface of the work that they do, Grass looks upon them as one of the guardians of organic and biodynamic farming in South Africa. This is an earnest request for consumers to get to know a little more about what they do, what they stand for and to definitely support them.

Some further PGS Green Road praiseworthy points:
•It is a transparent system, open to public scrutiny and peer-driven.
• It is extremely cost effective, particularly for emerging farmers.
• The administration and “red tape” is streamlined and simplified to suit small-scale producers.
• Because all growers are part of the process, the PGS also becomes a support and “skills transference” system, where growers and public can share information, offer advice, and identify customer needs.

You can meet their farmers at the weekly Organic Farmers Market or go to their quarterly Green Road Indaba meetings where consumers and farmers together not only share their knowledge but also re-evaluate the ‘real’ cost of what the farmer has to offer.

“Know your farmer…. know your food.”

Should you have any queries phone 021 007 1800 or 082 783 7104 or email but we suggest you view their website and find out “what’s in the bag?”


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Our numbers are growing and so are our roots so we are always looking for volunteers.


Helping you find integrity in the food chain

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