Consumer Alert! Tell DAFF You Want Eggs Labelled


More than anything at this moment, we need your voice to prevent the poultry industry from scuppering our success in achieving proper labelling identification of eggs that come from cages and batteries.

Please see Compassion in World Farming’s urgent appeal, write to Ms Setati at DAFF urgently, and pass this message on to friends and family as far and as widely as possible.

Thank you for your on-going support,
Kind regards,



Don’t allow the poultry industry to hide its cruel treatment of laying hens from the consuming public any longer!

The poultry industry would like consumers to stay ignorant, docile and to buy blind!

The poultry industry has objected to a Draft Amendment to egg labelling Regulations whereby, if the eggs in a carton come from hens in cages or batteries,  the word ‘cage’ must precede the word ‘eggs’ on the label.

It claims that there is no need for the word ‘cage’ to appear on the label because “if the production method is not specified, it will be assumed (by consumers) that the eggs come from hens kept in cages or batteries.”

Now, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has given us until 31st March 2015 to comment on why the draft amendment to labelling regulations should not be re-amended so that the word ‘cage’ is not obligatory after all.

It is vitally important that we don’t lose Compassion (SA)’s years’-long battle to have the word ‘cage’ incorporated on cartons of battery eggs so that consumers can make informed choices.

Please ask friends and family to  write as a matter of urgency (we’ve only got until 31st March to do so) to:

Ms. Matlou Setati
Chief Food Safety & Quality Assurance Officer

Directorate: Food Safety & Quality Assurance
Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

You could say:

Sample Letter

We refer to Regulations regarding the grading, packing and marking of eggs destined for sale in the Republic of South Africa: Amendment.

Specifically, we refer to the new Amendment of Regulation 9 in which, following intervention by stakeholders in the poultry industry, the indication of the production method has been made optional on the grounds that consumers will naturally assume that unlabelled eggs come from hens kept in cages or batteries.

The ratification of this amendment would constitute a gross violation of our consumer right to transparency and our ability to make informed choices. Consumers in South Africa are forced through lack of access to information, to ‘buy blind’ because labelling laws do not identify the methods of production of animal-derived foods. Furthermore, we place our trust in the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) that it will support the promotion of access to information as a fundamental human right.

Thus we request you to revert to the earlier amendment which stipulates that the word ‘cage’ must precede ‘eggs’ on packing if the eggs comes from hens in cages or batteries.

Thanking you,
Your name


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