Woolies please update your NSPCA approved status

The NSPCA has requested that Woolworths remove the statement that they have an NSPCA approved Animal Welfare Code of Practice in place. This is not the case and has never been the case. So we wonder how that statement ever crept onto their websites, Taste Magazine and even the Corporate Governance in Africa Case Study prepared by Justin Smith in 2009 on The Woolworths Good Business Journey for the University of Stellenbosch

The NSPCA said on twitter today that Woolworths have explained that this statement is “old”.

However…  the appearance of this statement online range from 2010 to 2015, so all are not “old”.  “Old” is surely no excuse unless a counter statement has been issued, and the “old” claim removed?

Here are just some of the sites that make the statement that Woolworths has an NSPCA approved Animal Welfare Code of Practice.

2010 http://www.woolworthsholdings.co.za/investor/gbj/2010/environment/aw.asp


2012 http://www.woolworthsholdings.co.za/investor/annual_reports/ar2012/sustainability/its_our_world/animal_welfare.asp


2013 http://www.kigoda.com/blog/should-investors-be-encouraging-better-farm-animal-welfare-standards-in-the-south-african-food-sector


2014 http://www.woolworths.co.za/store/fragments/corporate/corporate-index.jsp?content=../article/article&contentId=cmp100429


2014 http://animalwelfareandtrade.com/woolworths-za-steps-up-its-animal-welfare-policies


2015 http://www.tastemag.co.za/Puttingback-292/Woolworths-policy-towards-plants-and-animals.aspx



Woolworths don’t you think you owe South African consumers an explanation and the NSPCA?


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2 comments on “Woolies please update your NSPCA approved status
  1. GRASS says:

    We think NSPCA deserves an apology from Woolworths since NSPCA requested that Woolworths remove this claim and yet it is still being used.


  2. More obfuscation from Woolworths?? What a surprise! I can only say how much better my health and wallet is since I stopped shopping there … walk away and support those who actually do believe in kindness to animals and don’t foist evil GMO down our throats!


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