Grass Fed Meat Label – Have Your Say…

Dear Conscious Consumer
The new Grass Fed Meat Association is drawing up protocols for farmers producing grass fed and free range meat. Much has been written about the differences between grain fed  and grass fed meat. (see here)
We believe that grain is not the natural diet of ruminants (animals that chew cud) and therefore creates havoc with their digestive systems; leading to further health problems which then require the use of routine antibiotics. Farmers tell us that supplemental feeds such as grain are often sold with antibiotics already part of the food mix.
We are compiling a list of criteria that we feel are important and will be sending these to GFMA by 9 March 2015. By completing the form below, you can help us create the standards that you wish to see as part of the GFMA’s protocols – your views should also be important to them.
The Grass Team
Please click on the link below to take you to the survey.

Helping you find integrity in the food chain

9 comments on “Grass Fed Meat Label – Have Your Say…
  1. May I venture one misconception that plagues this kind of analysis. Most ruminants in South Africa free-range. That does not require significant investigation. The issue/problem is that farmers are paid more by feedlot operators than elsewhere. Ruminants go from free-range to feedlot-factory, to slaughter. Until consumer demands differentiates, not much will change. And which consumers will pay more for less meat? Quality counts, but so does price.


  2. There is no right way to kill someone who does not want to die.
    Animals are also someones and somebodies and they fight with all their being to escape slaughter. The hypocrisy of trying to condone blatant murder (life taking) by saying they’ve lived happily roaming green pastures sickens me.


  3. What a lovely sight seeing cattle roaming the pastures, so relaxed doing what is natural. Why when they are really gentle do abattoirs have to be so ruthless to these animals. I would like to see an organic styled registered abattoir used instead of the municipal ones.


    • GRASS says:

      Agree with your comment “doing what is natural”. Most of the beef sold in SA does not come from animals that have been allowed to graze as nature intended. Instead they are raised or partially raised on feedlots and fed grain to fatten them up for slaughter – some animals never get to walk or see a blade of grass. NSPCA do wonderful work monitoring abattoirs but they can’t be everywhere, that is why Grass is asking for CCTV cameras in abattoirs or access to abattoirs to allow consumers to see for themselves. Thank you for adding your voice to these concerns.


  4. […] this document. Please therefore encourage everyone you know to complete the two minute survey. Thank you for your time and remember strength in unity! Grass Consumer […]


  5. Well done Grass, for again raising this VITAL issue. Cruelty to animals even if they are to be eaten is NEVER acceptable!


    • GRASS says:

      Absolutely. We must say that at least GFMA is moving in the right direction and that pasture raised is their aim. What we are trying to achieve is transparency to enable consumer trust in the GFMA label since there is no room for another confusing and meaningless label.


  6. GRASS says:

    Thanks Hendrik. We encourage a strong South African consumer voice to bring about change. Thank you for participating – every voice makes an impact.


  7. hendrikjmentz says:

    Thank you for raising consciousness around this issue.


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