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Goes to the small, hard working and unflinching team of The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) for all the effort they put into protecting the animals of South Africa. Sometimes, in their investigations, even being threatened themselves

The Farm Animal Protection Unit stipulates that its aim is always to uplift the welfare of animals through education and monitoring, working through co-operation whenever possible. Their goal of preventing cruelty to animals is paramount.

They say, that public action, consumer buying patterns, public awareness and a willingness to report issues will all influence these – and similar – issues. If in any doubt, please contact the NSPCA via 011-907-3590 or nspca@nspca.co.za.

NSPCA in action.

NSPCA in action.

So if you want to support the NSPCA, the best way to do so, is to speak out against animal cruelty and vote with your wallets.

A reminder of some of the cruelty that NSPCA’s Farm Animal Protection Unit have uncovered


Sheep Shearing Cruelty Uncovered

A routine inspection of the GWK Abattoir and feedlot in De Aar in the Northern Cape revealed the ill-treatment of lambs and sheep through extremely rough handling and bodily injuries caused by inept shearing.

Senior Inspector Grace de Lange of the NSPCA’s Farm Animal Protection Unit explained: – “I observed sheep being dragged by one of their hind legs. Some sheep were dragged upside down and parts of their bodies – including their heads – banged into the railings as they were pulled in this manner. I witnessed sheep being dragged by their ears and fleece, including being pulled over another sheep that was in a recumbent position. This particular sheep needed assistance to enable it to stand.”




A warrant obtained to intervene by NSPCA personnel led to the slaughter of pigs being halted at the Klipeiland Slaghuis (abattoir) in Bronkhorstspruit owned by Ms S Louw. The electrical equipment used to pre-stun animals prior to slaughter – used to render the animals unconscious before their throats are cut – was ineffective. This meant that animals were having their throats cut whilst obvious signs of consciousness was present.

The Klipeiland abattoir is one of several in South Africa which the NSPCA’s Farm Animal Protection Unit has identified where welfare standards are inadequate and require urgent attention and upgrading.



Emergency Rescue Mission – Overturned Cattle Truck

Five SPCAs and the National Council of SPCAs sprang into action and launched an emergency rescue mission after a truck transporting cattle overturned shortly after 17h00 on the N1 freeway near the Grasmere toll plaza on Tuesday 20 January 2015.

The truck was on its side. The “doors” to the compartments where cattle had been loaded were inaccessible and the jaws of life were needed to enable SPCA and NSPCA personnel to reach trapped animals, some of whom were injured beyond salvation and were emergency slaughtered at the scene.

Life-saving intervention took place thanks to the police services after local people had surrounded the scene. With knives and buckets, the mob was chasing cattle that had managed to release themselves from the vehicle, some of which had injuries including broken legs.

Their intention was to hack meat from the living animals. Some animals were unable to escape and were stolen / slaughtered by the frenzied crowd. Their actions are condemned. With the focus firmly on reaching and releasing animals trapped and injured in the truck, it was not possible to identify the perpetrators. “Vultures stealing meat,” according to a Senior Inspector at the scene.



Pate De Foie Gras inhumane

“There is a shocking and cruel reality to the production of this so-called delicacy. There is no way to produce it humanely,” explained Senior Inspector Grace de Lange of the NSPCA’s Farm Animal Protection Unit.”

The team from the Farm Animal Protection Unit obtained a warrant to enter the Bon Canard Farm and during the raid, 107 Muscovy ducks were confiscated. They were being kept in small plastic and wire cages. They were unable to move and were being force-fed in order to enlarge their livers to produce pâté for restaurants.

Some birds were injured. Many had swollen, hardened feet: – a result of standing incessantly on the cage floors. Due to the conditions in which they were being kept, many had breathing problems.

The farm has closed.

“This is a victory,” explained Grace de Lange. “Yet we must never lose sight of the fact that certain foods are inherently cruel in their manner of production. Report any leads regarding undercover production – and above all, as consumers make your voices – and menu preferences – known”.


JULY 2014

Modderfontein farm in the North West Province.

The farm is owned by Thandi Modise, the Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces. Thandi Modise’s pigs reportedly began eating each other from hunger. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) had to euthanase 117, and confiscate 120 after 80 had died.NSPCA had to euthanise 117, and confiscate 120 after 80 had died.

“It was one of the worst scenes I witnessed in my 20 years at the SPCA,” Senior inspector for the national SPCA task team, Andries Venter, said.

Update as of Oct 2014: The case remains under investigation with the South African Police Service and criminal charges that have been laid are not yet with the National Prosecuting Authority.


MARCH 2014

Horror findings at “cull outlet”

Cruelty discovered at Nulaid, a subsidiary of Pioneer Foods. The eggs are marketed under the brand name of Quantum eggs. Most of the chickens found had broken wings, legs and some had exposed wounds so infected that they had turned green. A total of 58 chickens were found dead on arrival at the Rustenburg outlet and 109 birds had to be emergency-slaughtered.
Nulaid records show that in less than a month, 1737 chickens were either dead on arrival at this sales outlet or had to be emergency-slaughtered due to injuries. Between 24 and 25 February 2014. “This is not the first time that the NSPCA has had to intervene to prevent animal cruelty relating to outlets doing business with Nulaid. We had two similar cases in 2011. Since then we have had meetings with the company and they promised to address the problem but it seems nothing has changed,” said De Lange.


“Now we want the country’s legal system to intervene and put a stop to animal cruelty,” she said.

 See more here








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