NSPCA Discovers Yet More Cruelty

NSPCA Discovers Yet More Cruelty

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A routine inspection of the GWK Abattoir and feedlot in De Aar in the Northern Cape by NSPCA Senior Inspector Grace Le Lange, uncovered yet more cruelty and farm animal welfare issues. This time the ill-treatment of lambs and sheep through extremely rough handling and bodily injuries caused by inept shearing.

Senior Inspector Grace de Lange of the NSPCA’s Farm Animal Protection Unit explained: – “I observed sheep being dragged by one of their hind legs. Some sheep were dragged upside down and parts of their bodies – including their heads – banged into the railings as they were pulled in this manner. I witnessed sheep being dragged by their ears and fleece, including being pulled over another sheep that was in a recumbent position. This particular sheep needed assistance to enable it to stand.”

Intervention by de Lange brought the process to a halt. One animal had up to 14 cuts on it. There are only two NSPCA societies for the entire Northern Cape area, one inspector is based in Upington and another in Kimberley. Due to these staffing constraints, NSPCA have to make special trips to these areas.

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One sheep had up to 14 cuts. Accepted industry standards were contravened.

See more on the NSPCA here.


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4 comments on “NSPCA Discovers Yet More Cruelty
  1. Hi.
    I spoke to a correspondent at Massmart and this is what they told me :

    “Hi Donovan

    Thanks for your query. As per your telephonic discussion with Alex, we have engaged with GWK Abattoir, the NSPCA and the shearing company, BKB.

    With reference to our discussions with GWK and BKB, the following measures have been implemented to ensure that their shearing operations are conducted in manner that protects the welfare of the animals involved:

    · BKB have conducted refresher training courses with all of their shearers to reinforce correct sheep handling practices and appointed full time supervisors to ensure that shearing is conducted responsibly and with due care paid to animal welfare;

    · Furthermore, BKB have informed us that they are in the process of introducing new shearing combs that are specially designed to prevent nicks and cuts occurring during shearing’

    · GWK, have trained and appointed feedlot staff to provide on-going oversight and evaluation of shearing teams stationed at their sites. The have also developed control sheets that will be used to evaluate shearers and animals as and when shearing is performed. To ensure that these controls are adhered to, GWK’s Feedlot and Facilities Managers have developed an inspection schedule that involves periodic site visits, after which any incidences of non-conformance will communicated to the BKB management team immediately.

    We are encouraged by the steps that have been taken to address the issues raised, however, we remain open to further input from the NSPCA and interested parties on this matter.

    Please let me know if we can help with anything else. Once again thank you for drawing this to our attention. “


    • GRASS says:

      Thanks for sharing this Donovan and super that you received a response from Massmart, we did not but then again we also asked Massmart where their policy was on animal welfare – since it is no where to be seen. Perhaps you could prompt them for an answer on this. It certainly encourages us to see that consumers are adding their own voices to these concerns in South Africa – well done indeed!


  2. […] is also no regular independent oversight of these slaughter processes. The recent discovery of ill-treatment of lambs by NSPCA, during a routine inspection of GWK Abattoir further highlights concerns in our meat […]


  3. Well done Grass, for exposing yet another travesty! The best we can do is to keep speaking out. I wonder how Woolworths et al are going to justify this? I personally cannot spend my money at cruel corporate institutions that care nothing for kindness and humane practices. Find your own supplier and support small farmers. Grow your own vegetables … adopt chickens and boycott chains!!


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