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Debbie Logan who describes herself as “A proud mother, impossible wife, passionate food activist and somebody obsessed with good food”. Fortunately she has a real outlet for that passion and philosophy, as she is the owner of The Organic Natural and Whole Food Emporium in Johannesburg.


She is not exaggerating when she says a “passionate food activist” since she believes in informing her customers (and probably about anyone else who will listen) about what real food should be. She is a strong advocate for True Free Range and knows what this means because she visits the farms that she sources from. There are no grey areas for Debbie when sourcing produce, it either ‘is’ or it’s ‘not’.

…” like most of the free range chicken farms I walk away from – we ordinarily don’t have chicken because I can’t in all good conscience stand for most of the farms I see – many ‘free range’ in accordance with the label but still all inside a barn. It’s just not what the conscious consumer really thinks it means. I’m looking for chicken farmers who are really rearing chickens outdoors – which means they are putting effort into it – you can’t put chickens in a barn with an open door that they won’t use and call it ‘free range’ but you can by law which is why I ignore labels and only sell from farmers I know that I can meaningfully and transparently connect to. “

The physical farm direct store is in Bryanston Shopping Centre
Shop 31b
Bryanston Shopping Center – rooftop entrance
Corner of William Nicol Rd & Ballyclare Rd

If you prefer to have it delivered (see here if you fall within the delivery areas) then Debbie also runs an active online store. She even has almond yoghurt, which I have never seen before.

So if you have a passion for real food and transparency is important to you – contact Debbie today.


Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 08.47.46


Visit her blog –



Helping you find integrity in the food chain


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