A word from Claire Julsing-Strydom (ADSA’s President) on Sponsorships


What do you think? Can ADSA be a credible source of dietary advice even though they have sponsors that are regarded by some as being the cause of some illnesses.

A word from Claire Julsing-Strydom (ADSA’s President) on Sponsorships.

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Current ADSA sponsors include:
Sea Harvest, EquiSweet, Kellogg, Pick n Pay, DSM, Woolworths, Nativa, Unilever, Parmalat, Pronutro, Health Connection

Other questions we posed were why the dietary advice on their website (http://www.adsa.org.za/Portals/14/Documents/Nutrition%20Info/NutritionTipsForActiveChildrenByKarlienSmit.pdf) suggests sweetened low fat flavoured milk and cereal/sports bars which are loaded with sugar. Foodstuffs that we generally know should be avoided, particularly when there is so much information on ADHD and food additives. So what’s up here? Why are we being given such bad dietary advice by the Association of Dietetics in South Africa?

  • Pack portable snacks for after school such as fruit, sandwiches, lean biltong, bran muffins and cereal/sports bars. Best is to have this at least 1 hour prior to exercise.
  •   If your child’s energy needs are high and/or appetite or time is limited, pack in concentrated options like dried fruit or trail mix or a fruit yoghurt/smoothie.
  •   If your child has multiple training sessions in a day improve the rate of recovery by incorporating a good quality source of protein e.g. low fat dairy, chicken or egg together with a portion of carbohydrate to be eaten within 40 minutes after training. This can be a sweetened low fat flavoured milk drink, amahewu mixed with pap or a boiled egg on 2 slices of brown bread.
    Notice that the emphasis is on real food and not on supplements. 


As promised, ADSA responded to Grass but did not answer all our questions, in particular what is a Gold Sponsor?

Response to Grass Consumer Group Questions

Originally posted on NutritionConfidence Blog:
Grass Consumer Group asked us some very important questions on Twitter last week. Some of our answers won’t quite fit into 140 characters, so we’ve put together a Q&A in response to their questions: Question1:…


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5 comments on “A word from Claire Julsing-Strydom (ADSA’s President) on Sponsorships
  1. […] February 2015, Grass Action asked if the ADSA could be considered a credible source of dietary advice when they are sponsored by companies that […]


  2. […] nutrition in the packaging!. [Interestingly enough a recent investigation by the consumer group, Grass Action, shows cereal maker Kellogg’s to be a major sponsor of the [ASDA], as it is of dieticians’ […]


  3. Well done Grass! Another great article. I would sooner eat an earthworm from the compost heap than nibble on a Kellogg’s cornflake. Kellogs, has been listed as one of “the most evil corporations in the world” for their relentless promotion of Monsanto and a host of other reasons. Read more at the link below.


  4. GRASS says:

    Kellogg’s is a gold sponsor of ADSA’s so I would imagine that at the very least they would be hesitant to say pre-sweetened cereals should not be part of a healthy diet.


  5. Simon says:

    ADSA does not endorse any brand, company product or service? Surely, sponsorship = endorsement or will ADSA officially state that there is, for arguments sake, too much sugar in Pronutro and should therefore not be fed to children for breakfast?


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