Mindful Monday # 7

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6 comments on “Mindful Monday # 7
  1. Quite so. I raise my own hens so I know exactly where my eggs come from. It is the meat eaters, chicken eaters and even egg eaters that MUST campaign for better conditions for animals. Vegetarians aren’t supporting them in any case!


    • GRASS says:

      Know two dads in our area that are doing just that too and just chatted to a neighbour who is desperate to raise her own hens. Perhaps you could do a ‘how to raise hens in an urban environment’ ? If we could get the fake free range to be accurately labeled as barn raised or cage free then that would help with awareness and change.


  2. “High speed maceration of live, male chicks using properly designed macerators is a practical and accepted method of euthanasia.” Accepted by whom? I have no words … except: You, the consumers Votes for THIS every time you support retailers that encourage this …


    • GRASS says:

      This is true Caroline. Consumers need to wake up to the fact that they have the power to change industry by voting with their wallets. Sadly, though, many are not aware of the horrors, particularly of factory farms, because industry wants it that way and because many consumers prefer to remain ignorant. We were amazed by the reaction to this post, when people said they were not aware of these facts. Fortunately there are some farms that actually keep the males and raise them for meat but even some free range farms buy from breeders that cull the male chicks.


  3. It seems to me to completely undermine the credibility of this group, that a post about the horrors of egg production can be followed by a recipe that requires eggs.


    • GRASS says:

      The irony did not escape us Brendan and we are here to bring about awareness of the crueler aspects of farming – not to bring an end to farming. Sorry that you feel that it undermines our credibility in your eyes since we do not wish to polarise groups (there is far too much of that already) but unite in the fight against these concerning practices.


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