Our Friday smile goes to….


This is a special Valentines Day Friday Smile because every animal should know the love of their mother. Charlie and Julie Crowther from Glen Oakes are farmers that make this possible. Glen Oakes’ sows and piglets can nuzzle one another, go for walks on pasture together and socialise with one another. Charlie says that the mother changes her voice when the piglets walk past her face and studies have shown that mothers’ even sing to their piglets.

Grass would like to thank Charlie and Julie for allowing the sows to express their mothering instincts, giving the sows the space that they require to show love to their piglets. Thank you that your pigs get to keep their tails, teeth and testicles too.


The majority of sows in South Africa never get to nuzzle and care for their piglets. They can’t even push their snouts through the sow or farrowing crate railings to sniff their piglets.  See some of the story here and here…

Grass will be doing our Glen Oakes farm visit story soon to give you some more details on this free range farm.

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