African Centre for Biosafety Petitions Government in Cape Town

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One comment on “African Centre for Biosafety Petitions Government in Cape Town
  1. kznwatch says:

    Monsanto and Du Pont as the producers of GMO seeds and indirectly edible products and herbicides such as Roundup, found so readily on all our supermarket shelves and local farmer cooperatives, should be BANNED in South Africa and all over our precious Planet. The question of labeling GMO products should not even arise, as labeling only perpetuates the life of the big GMO Corps. How many ordinary South Africans today are aware that even the maize they love, which a staple, is contaminated with GMO’s? How many of our rural population, even know what GMO’s are? It is our responsibility to enlighten and defend our people, not only ensuring their health, but the betterment of their futures.
    Even the general public and everyday middle-class consumers do not seem to realize that it is not only the food we consume that is being poisoned, but our increasingly fragile planet and all its diverse ecosystems supporting a vast array of unique creatures, great and small of which one of the gravest concern must surely be our BEE Colonies, threatened by extinction all over the world.
    GMO’s change and destroy Nature’s natural perfect state and order, contaminating our water, our rivers and oceans and even the very air that we breathe. That is why labeling GMO’s should not even be on the agenda, but only a TOTAL BAN the order of the day!
    When so many countries are standing up and successfully getting rid of Monsanto et al, South Africa should not be browbeaten by Big Corps or for that matter, Big Pharma, all of them money grabbers and only interested in profits while uncaring of Mother Earth, her populations and their futures.


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