Soil and water conservation for rural communities (Excellent – Pioneers of Sand Dams))


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Supporting rural communities

See how, with our partners Africa Sand Dam Foundation, we are supporting rural communities with soil and water conservation in Kenya.

Caught in a dryland trap
Dryland regions are tough places to live. Rainfall is erratic and water from heavy downpours runs off the bone dry land and disappears to the oceans, taking valuable fertile soil with it. To make things worse, climate change is causing vast dryland areas to turn into desert.

Drylands support 80% of the world’s poorest people. Most of these live in rural areas. Here, the constant search for water traps millions of people in a vicious cycle of subsistence. Women and children often spend 6 to 12 hours a day trailing across parched shrubland to collect water, often from unclean rivers and unsafe sources. In times of drought it can take even longer.

Change starts with water and…

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