Woolworths: manipulating math or semantic science?

by Sonia de Villiers, Grass Food Researcher

Grass looked at another Woolworths product recently, Oatmeal Digestives. Although the product is named Oatmeal Digestives, there is only 3% oatmeal in the product. Rather astonishing to label a product as being Oatmeal when less than 5% content is oatmeal. On the other hand, Woolworths maintained that they could not accurately label GM products since it was difficult to verify. Even though their Woolworths Super Maize was tested and shown to contain 79.78% GM content it was still labeled as “may be genetically modified”. . (See here for that story).


Tell us below what you think about Woolworth’s product labelling or email us at grassconsumergroup@gmail.com.

Current GMO campaign petitioning Richard Stockley, head of technology and food services at Woolworth’s to stop using GMO soya and GMO corn in our daily bread, maize meal, meat and dairy. Sign here.

“we buy from Woolworths because we believe they are protecting us from unnatural ingredients, this is why we pay more per item. this new information about GMO’s is disturbing.” Amanda Forrow, Knysna.

“I have already stopped shopping at Woolworths because I can’t get GMO free foods there. Will purchase foods again when they stop GMO’s in everything …. from crisps and sauces to fishfingers to cupcakes …. everything! Not just bread.” Sharon carr JHB.

“I’d like the choice of whether or not to buy GMO. From a meat and chicken perspective I am only prepared to eat pasture raised (WW doesn’t stock a pasture raised chicken option). I complain to management every time I go into a store that doesn’t stock free range. For a company that claims to be sustainable and ethical, WW sure stocks a lot of morally questionable options (like feedlot beef and non free range chicken).” Lauren Bate, Cape Town.

“I refuse to eat GMO foods and Woolworths continue to stock it then I can not shop there.” Dolores Coullie, Knysna.

“Woolworths are supposed to be the “good guys”. They profess to be sustainable and responsible – can they put their money where their mouths are? Or is it all just clever advertising? We want organic, non irradiated, natural, chemical free food please. There are plenty of small organic farmers around that can supply you – why are you not supporting them and bringing us their food?” Veronique Palmer, Johannesburg.


Helping you find integrity in the food chain soniam@eategrity.co.za

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