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Update to Woolworths GMO labelling

After almost a year of corresponding with Woolworths, Grass formally laid a complaint, on 30 October 2013, with the National Consumer Commission requesting that Woolworths comply with the GMO labelling law and correctly label their products that contain 5% or more GMO content. Grass has also asked for a formal apology to Woolworths customers for not complying with the GMO labelling law and the Consumer Protection Act thereby misinforming their customers with the misleading label of “may contain GMO”.

What you can do

Please email Woolworths to ask them to act on this request without delay since consumers and Woolworths customers have the right to informed purchasing decisions. / (and copy us at

Please email the National Consumer Commission (and copy us at

Details for the complaint

Product of questions is:  Woolworths Super Maize Meal” which is labelled as “may be gentically modified”. African Centre of Biosafety has tested this product and found that it contains 79.78% GM maize. Therefore the labelling of this product does not comply with the law on GMO labelling.

What outcome do you propose for this complaint?: Woolworths to be held accountable and to have all products that can be scientifically tested for GM content to be labelled correctly. Also issue an official apology to customers for not complying with the law and mis-informing their customers.

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Download ACB’s full test results here.

We will keep you posted…

Going the Whole Hog Campaign Update

A unique campaign called Going Whole Hog is aiming at informing the pork lover of the joys of genuinely free-range and ethical pork in South Africa, and the benefits run from farm to table for all concerned as not only does the pig and farmer get a better deal but the meat is just tastier and healthier for you.

Join the campaign here

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See link to more information on this campaign here


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