Karan Beef Feedlot

The largest in South Africa, with 120 000 head of cattle at any given time.

Watch there promotional video here:

“Our roots are planted firmly in the soil, it is both our heritage and our future. When we first began feedlotting on the Karan family farm our herd numbered less than 100 head of cattle. But that was way back in 1974. Over the years the capacity of our feedlot has increased to accommodate over 120 000 head of cattle – making the Karan Beef feedlot the largest in Africa. The past twenty five years has seen great changes at our Heidelberg farm, just south of Johannesburg in South Africa, as it has expanded to accommodate the changing needs of our blossoming feedlot business. Our purchase of three adjoining farms increased the overall size of our estate to 2330 hectares – not only accommodating the growing feedlot, but also allowing for the evolution of our facilities into a fully integrated business unit.

This expansion has also allowed us to establish a game farm and wetland eco-development which has become a significant attraction in its own right and now plays home to one of the widest selections of water fowl found anywhere in Southern Africa.

As our business grew we undertook the construction of the largest Feedmill of its kind in the world. Making use of the very best design techniques and technology available, our Feedmill now occupies an area of 15 000 square meters and is capable of producing up to 1 500 tons of mixed feeds per day. (see more here: http://www.karanbeef.co.za/AboutUs)

With the changing face of the deregulated South African meat industry we were able to purchase an abattoir in the town of Balfour. This facility is close to the feedlot and a mere 75 kilometers from Johannesburg. Having extensively modernised the abattoir it is now used exclusively for the slaughter of animals from the Karan Beef feedlot and the processing of those carcasses into a wide range of beef products.

The purchase of the Balfour Abattoir prompted us to establish a marketing and distribution centre in Johannesburg. With its extensive cold store and freezer facilities, our City Deep Distribution Centre allowed us to complete the supply chain and has helped secure for the Karan Beef Group its position as the largest fully integrated beef production organisation in Africa.”

Karan Beef Feedlot, Heidelberg, South Africa, Achievements:

Received Gold Award at the 2012 Good Food and Wine Show in  Johannesburg for their stand.

Karan Beef, a supplier of locally produced meat products, was announced the Best Proudly SA Company over ten years and Service of the Year at the Proudly South African Home Grown Awards gala dinner, at the Sandton Convention Centre on 30 September.


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