Pasture Reared vs Factory Farmed Pork

A group of nutritional therapists compare the health effects of eating factory-farmed (also known as “Conventional”) and pasture-reared pork products.

Before the advent of the modern day confinement system where pigs are kept separated in metal cages that allow for no movement, pasture was an absolute essential for a successful swine operation. In recent years there has been a growing trend amongst farmers in Europe and the US who are opting for pasturing pigs for both welfare reasons and also to supply these niche markets.

Pasture-reared pork is almost nonexistent in South Africa. 
There are only a handful of farms producing it; even retailers such as Woolworths (who pride themselves on their animal welfare policies) cannot supply their customers with pasture-reared pork.

See more on:  Feed / Antibiotics Use / Health Risks of Factory Farmed Pork / Nutritional Benefits of Pasture Reared Pork 

You can help to change the market. Click here to sign the petition and/or get involved.


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  1. […] Raising pigs on pasture reduces the risk of fostering antibiotic-resistant bacteria […]


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