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Thank you for helping us get to this point.

Representatives from the National Council of SPCAS (NSPCA) met with personnel from the National Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) on Monday 01 July 2013 and officially handed over the South African signatures supporting the campaign for gestation crates to be phased out by 2016.

DAFF accepted and acknowledged the signatures. An additional package of documentation was submitted by the NSPCA which included support from retailers within South Africa as well as international support for the phasing out of the practice of confining pregnant sows to crates. Included in the package of documentation was research indicating the welfare implications of gestation crates.

The NSPCA is pleased to report that DAFF has given a commitment to consult widely within the next 3 months. This procedure will be inclusive of all role-players and the NSPCA appreciates that this is a necessary step in the following of due process. We understand that consumers and certain retailers have already made their views and stance known but the process now to be undertaken will widen the scope and will take the NSPCA’s campaign to a new and official level of consideration. A follow-up consultative meeting will then be held with the NSPCA. This process is now underway.

The NSPCA reiterates our stance that after this date, if such crates remain in use, we shall proceed with criminal prosecution in terms of the Animals Protection Act, against any person who uses this unacceptable practice of confining a pregnant sow to a stall so small that she is unable to move.

This opportunity is taken to remind the public that the NSPCA’s campaign will continue to run. We urge all caring consumers and retailers alike, to join us and the 4 700 other South African signatories, in ensuring that a strong message is sent to Government, farmers and all role-players that this practice must end.

The NSPCA Team

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