GMO 101

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4 comments on “GMO 101
  1. Zayaan Khan says:

    Perhaps we need to start including Canola/Rapeseed into our conversations. While we do not grow any GM canola in our country, we do import about 50% of our canola needs and because of our shifty labelling laws it does not state country of origin. This work is tiring and it’s great to see how many we actually are fighting the fight for transparency (and eventual sovereignty from GM). Big ups to you!


    • grassconsumergroup says:

      Zayaan, even if we tell one new person a day about the concerns of GMOs that would be a great start. What is concerning is that many people are not even aware that GMOs exist, particularly in South Africa, and they are the greatest consumers of it! Our labelling laws need to be urgently revised, I find it ironic that so much energy and time is spent on Calorie Intake information on our labels but we are not informed of the toxic intake.


      • Zayaan Khan says:

        Absolutely, it’s non-stop advocacy work. The biggest issue is our lack of choice, even if we want to be non-GM consumers our choices are severely limited. A luta continua, but our resistance grows by the day.


      • grassconsumergroup says:

        Sadly, in South Africa, the largest consumers of GM maize are completely unaware of GM but this is changing due to the pressure placed on government and retailers by organisations such as ACB (African Centre of Biosafety). Another concern is that most of our ‘gluten free’ “health” food contains GM maize or soya. It is also rather difficult, if one does eat wheat bread, to find a loaf that does not contain maize and soya.


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